Old Milwaukee Ad

Directed/Producer/Cinematography: Nick Kalbach – Teton Productions 

Co-Produced: Peter Hidalgo – Teton Productions

Prouction Manager/Make Up: Tara Rosas – Teton Productions


Old Milwaukee

Funny or Die

After Will Ferrell’s international run doing niche Old Milwaukee ads, Old Milwaukee decided to run an independent comedy tour that was highlighted on Funny or Die. Our team at Teton noticed that this internal campaign was attracting nominal attention on Funny or Die and we decided to try our hand at a comedic entry. Knowing the site had a fairly young demographic, we decided to create  a fun “anti-ad”. Sophmoric and raw in nature, it achieved our intended purpose and outperformed all of the Old Milwaukee comedy tour entrees. It quickly gained higher hits and ratings than any Old Milwaukee content on Funny or Die and over 200k over the course of that month on Youtube. Hats off to all that participated in this fun shoot and quasi marketing endeavor.


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