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Director : Nick Kalbach,

Producer/Production Manager: Nick Kalbach – Teton Productions 


Reel Recovery:

Mini-Documentary Series

The initial pilot of the Reel Recovery series captures a day in the life of Ken, long term addict that in now living in long-term recovery.  Since the advent of 12 steps programs, millions have successfully remained sober and are active in long-term recovery. After 90 years, there is still a great deal of taboo and misinformation regarding personal anonymity for those involved in 12 steps programs. Are people free to tell their own stories? Can they do so without disclosing or representing the programs that led them to recovery?

Reel Recovery’s objective is to highlight exceptional stories of people in long-term recovery, to educate and inspire others to see what is possible. The series’ aims to achieve this objective without breaking the anonymity and traditions of the programs that have led our subjects to recovery. There are currently millions of people living in long term recovery in the in recovery in the United States today. They are living examples of the transformative power of change and testimonies of what is possible for others now suffering in their disease. We hope to foster dialogue around the common misperceptions of addiction and address the dire nature of one of the greatest pandemics in American today.

The Reel Recovery pilot will debut at the Reel Recovery Film Festival in San Francisco, Ca in Fall 2016.










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