We have experience in a range of markets and take a hands on approach in co-creating the right solutions for each of our clients.  From commercials, broadcast content, music videos, to Indie films and branding, the Teton Team has the flexibility and skill to translate your vision into art and reality. Unlike other one-stop production houses, we care deeply about our craft and our relationships. We take pride in providing  innovative ways to reach your clients, fans and audience.




Teton was founded by Nick Kalbach in 2012. Prior to starting Teton Productions, Nick worked as a freelance cinematographer, producer and director. His work has taken him from the jungles of Central America to the plains of Africa in projects that ranged from archiving indigenous history to capturing humanitarian injustice. Nick’s other work included freelance projects with national companies, foundations and NGO’s including  FOX Studios, History Channel, Outside Magazine, United Nations Foundation, Smithsonian, James Irvine Foundation, Earth Train International, H2, and Humble Pie Entertainment..

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Why Teton:

We know Teton is a strange name for a production company that’s based in Sierra Mountains- so why Teton?

A note from the founder:

I grew up in a small coal mining town in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania. From the early age of 12,  I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. I spent my summers directing short films with my friends and my trusty VHS camera. In my teens, I realized this wasn’t a viable career option- or for that matter, a cool thing to do in my podunk town. I didn’t return to my passion until after college, where I was dead set on being a naturalist.

I continued to film everything for “archival purposes”, travel journals and documenting my meanderings across the U.S. and eventually I landed a job at Grand Teton National Park.

While there, I ran across a professional film crew that was filming a National Park Series. I inquired about their shoot whenever I saw them and on one particular day I was afforded the opportunity to guide them to film moose. Throughout that day, I studied the crew tirelessly and by the day’s end I naively declared, ” I can do this film thing!”  This was where I realized that I would not be happy doing anything else, and that I needed to pursue it somehow.

Fast forward several years, after leaving the Rockies and vagabond traveling across the lower 48, my desire still remained. I eventually moved to Northern CA, where I was afforded an opportunity to start a Youth Media Institute. That led to many amazing opportunities including becoming a U.S. representative for several United Nations Foundation initiatives. After a series of random life events, I made the decision to pursue my own craft.  I moved to Central America where I began my journey with film and storytelling with the indigenous rainforest inhabitants of Central America.

Following my time there, I spent several years as a freelance cinematographer, producer and director, and in 2012 I decided to lay down some roots and start my own company. When thinking of what the company should be called, I thought back to the very specific moment when I realized that “I can do this. ”

…. Teton Productions was born!



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